Commercial Property Maintenance Tips for Fall

Temperatures are dropping, leaves are changing, and the kids are headed back to school: it’s officially fall in North Carolina. With winter right around the corner, now is the time to take action to keep your commercial property in the best condition possible. A little routine maintenance can go a long way to protect your investment, so keep these tips in mind:

Remove Debris, Leaves

Fall is the perfect time to clean out downspouts, roof trim, flashing, and of course, your gutters. Leaves, sticks, and other debris tend to accumulate fast this time of year. Stormwater may not be able to drain away from the building properly, leaving you at risk of expensive leaks and even roof damage. And if you’ve got a lawn you’re hoping to keep in decent condition, removing leaves can help keep sunlight shining freely on your grass even in the coldest months.

Inspect Your Roof

Annual roof inspections are always a good idea, and there’s no time like the fall to conduct one. A fall roof inspection can help you identify potential issues ahead of severe winter weather. Identifying and fixing small leaks now can prevent issues caused by snow and ice later in the season. No matter your roofing system, property managers should always work with a qualified commercial roofer to perform the inspection and address any issues.

Service Your HVAC System

It’s likely been several months since you turned on the heat in your building, so you want to ensure it’s functioning properly. For optimal performance, replace HVAC filters at least twice a year. By maintaining your HVAC unit, you increase its effectiveness. This will help keep you warm when you want to be – and decrease the odds of expensive repairs.

Repair Sidewalks, Potholes

Trip hazards become especially dangerous during cold weather. Take time to inspect yor parking lot and sidewalks for cracks and potholes. Seal coat asphalt areas and seal up cracks at least every other year. If it’s been a while since you performed such tasks, be sure to add this to your fall commercial property maintenance checklist.

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