Must Have Office Amenities to Recruit and Retain

The way America works has changed a lot over the last few years. COVID-19 helped normalize remote work – it’s estimated than more than 27 million Americans now work from home. Employers are now eager to entice workers back to the office, but struggle to do so without offering certain workplace amenities. To recruit and retain skilled workers, many companies are searching for upgrades. Here are a handful of the most in-demand amenities:

Green Spaces

Modern office life doesn’t have to be sterile and cramped. Instead, many companies are prioritizing green spaces when searching for new commercial property. Outdoor workspaces can foster collaboration, allowing employees to stretch their legs and get a breath of fresh air while chatting with colleagues. Even a small courtyard can make a big difference in a company’s culture.

Private Restrooms

Employees typically take several trips to the restroom throughout the workday, so improvements to restroom facilities are one of the most effective ways to improve quality of work life. Additional privacy features like dividing walls and improved ventilation can make all the difference. While these changes may require additional funds and space, the impact on employee satisfaction is well worth the investment.

Natural Light

The days of cube farms are long gone. These days, workers want outdoor views and natural light. Given what we know about prolonged computer and phone screen usage, it pays to offer workers a visual break. Since access to natural light has been proven to improve performance, satisfaction, and happiness, it’s no wonder so many workspaces are adapting to offer such amenities.

On-Site Fitness Facilities

They say sitting is the new smoking, so why not offer workers the chance to move their bodies over their lunch break or after work? On-site fitness facilities have been shown to improve morale, enhance productivity, and reduce absenteeism. Plus, employees can save money on expensive gym memberships.

Find Your Ideal Office Space in the Triangle

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