Retail Space Due Diligence: What to Investigate Before Signing a Lease

Signing a lease for a retail space is a significant step for any business. It’s not just about finding a location that fits your budget; it’s also about ensuring that the space meets your specific needs and sets your business up for success. Performing due diligence before signing the lease is essential to avoid costly surprises down the road.

Location and Accessibility

Begin by assessing the location’s accessibility. Is it easily accessible to your target audience, with sufficient foot traffic and convenient access for customers? Additionally, consider neighboring businesses and competitors in the vicinity.

Lease Terms and Costs

Review the lease agreement comprehensively. Pay attention to the lease term, rent structure, and any additional costs such as common area maintenance (CAM) fees, utilities, and property taxes. Understand rent escalation clauses and penalties for early termination.

Physical Condition and Zoning

Inspect the retail space’s physical condition to identify any necessary repairs or maintenance. Simultaneously, verify that the space is properly zoned for your intended use and acquire any required permits or licenses.

Lease Restrictions, Accessibility, and Parking

Examine the lease for restrictions on signage, business hours, subleasing, or renovations. Assess the accessibility of the space for customers, ensuring it complies with ADA requirements. Evaluate parking availability and convenience, as this can significantly impact customer traffic.

Lease Assignment, Exit Strategies, and Future Development

Consider potential exit strategies if you need to terminate the lease prematurely, such as lease assignment or subleasing options. Inquire about future development plans in the area, as nearby construction could affect your business’s visibility and accessibility.

Legal Consultation

Seeking legal counsel is advisable. A real estate attorney can thoroughly review the lease agreement, identify potential risks, and provide guidance on mitigations. This step ensures you make an informed decision when signing the lease.

Conducting comprehensive due diligence before signing a retail space lease is a critical step in protecting your business interests and financial well-being. By carefully investigating these factors, you can minimize risks and position your business for success in its chosen location.

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