What Our Clients Are Saying

Dr. Jay Ozturk with Little Oaks Pediatrics weighed in on his experience in working with Insight Property Group by sharing:

While searching for medical office space, I quickly understood that it was a very different process than a residential real estate transaction. It became clear to me that landlords had representation and I had none. A dentist friend of mine told me about Jimmy Woody who could represent me as a Tenant. Even though I was not expecting much, I contacted him and told him what I was looking for. Looking back, it was the best decision I made during the process. Jimmy knows the Triangle area and the commercial real estate market very well. On many occasions he was greeted and recognized immediately by business owners and other people in the community, proving that he was well connected. Jimmy was very helpful in negotiating the lease terms and many other details in the contract. His connections proved to be invaluable in putting everything together in a short amount of time. Even though I was pressing him for time and contacted him on the weekends and during a major holiday weekend, he was patiently right there on my side, giving the answers to my questions and responding to my e-mails in a timely and professional manner. Personally, I think having Jimmy Woody on your side is a no-brainer. He does all the heavy lifting and gives you crucial pieces of information and advice. His delicate balance of professionalism, personability, and reliability makes him an example among commercial real estate agents. I would highly recommend him for Tenant or Landlord representation.

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