4 Reasons to Work with a Real Estate Brokerage

Real estate is an exciting and potentially very lucrative world. Unfortunately, that world also comes with a lot of work, bureaucracy, and legal headaches. Whether you’re leasing, selling, or investing, working with a real estate brokerage allows you to focus on your business.

Here are some great reasons your next real estate transaction should be with a brokerage.


Finding a listing is only one part of the process. You also have to visit the property, check local zoning laws, schedule an inspection, negotiate rates, schedule calls…the list goes on and on. All of those cumbersome steps take more time away from running your business, impacting both your sanity and your bottom line.

A brokerage can perform all these services and more. Once you actually move in, they can also act as a liaison to your tenants, easing the time required to manage the property.


A common reason to avoid brokerages is the perceived cost, especially around any fees the brokerage charges. However, there are several reasons paying a brokerage could actually save you money:

  • Commissions are often split between the landlord and the tenant, so neither party absorbs the full cost
  • Brokerages are skilled negotiators who may be able to secure you lower overall costs
  • Because they know the market, brokerages have a better idea of how investment values will change, lowering your risk

Access to Listings

Unlike residential real estate, many commercial listings are not public. Accessing these listings can incur a hefty fee, and systems like MLS require a license to access. A brokerage absorbs that cost for you, which not only saves you money but can show you listings you otherwise wouldn’t even know about.

Local Expertise and Contacts

Of course, listings are only part of the process. Once a listing is selected, you’ll need lawyers, loans, inspectors, and more. Because networking in real estate is so frequent, your brokerage will likely have great recommendations for you – and may be able to cut you a deal.

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